Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog 11Self Assessing and Reflecting

1. My Favorite Tools
    A. Apps that are available for testing ones fitness. The students could use these to check their heart rate and      keep track of their fitness improvements.
    B. I tunes that show videos on different exercise programs to keep life long fitness.

2.  Change my thinking
     A.  I did not think that I would  find many ways or apps to use in health fitness. Of course, after reading through each of the tools and researching the various tools, apps, and websites, I know there are quite a few  out there to use in health fitness. My thoughts have changed in the fact that I now see the vast potential for increasing interest and a desire in my students to become better fit individuals. Everywhere you look, students are on their technological devices texting, playing games, and listening to music. If we want to reach them and help them learn important information and skills to be lifelong learners, then we as eduacators will need to make changes.

3. Unexpected outcomes
    A. I was amazed at how many apps and you tube videos are available that might interest the students and make them want to become more fit individuals and look at Health Fitness as a life long goal.

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