Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog 10 Underneath It All

1. 3 things to understand about digital citizenship:
    A. use in an appropriate and kind way 
    B. form healthy and productive alliances
    C.use effectively in searching for information

2. Instructional resources:
    A. Chart of resources by grade level and content available on SBISD's Ed. Tech. website
    B. iSafe Program

3. Teaching Digital Citizenship to Students:
    A.  Watch a video about digital citizenship.
    B. Participate in a discussion about the video and how they can be good digital citizens.
    C.Share ideas about appropriate ways to use the internet or any technological device.

4. Sharing Digital Citizenship with Parents:
    A. Provide information about iSafe Factsheets by Texas School Safety Center
    B. Provide parents with the Chart of Resources by Grade Level and Content by SBISD Ed. Tech.

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