Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tool 7 Online Digital Projects

After looking at the sites provided I feel as a Health Fitness instructor I could use this tool to create an opportunity for student base learning.  In Health Fitness we are looking for activities that keep the students active and engaged.  The project that I would design would be a jump rope routine.
a.  The objective would be for the students to form groups and design their own jump rope routine performed to  music in which the group determines to be appropriate for the elements of the routine.
b.  I plan to implement this plan next semester.
c.  I will use You Tube to introduce the unit, showing various routines such as XBox commerical.  Google docs would be a good tool for the groups to use when designing the routine.  Today's Meet for questions regarding routine and the groups progress towards a finish project.
d.  Students will need to design a jump roping routine that would last between 45 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes.  A variety of jump rope moves will be mandatory.  We will spend several days with simple jump rope skips and then have the groups explore online to experiment with different moves of varying degrees of difficulties.  Routines will need performed with music and before the class.
e.  Include other Health Fitness classes at SBMS and video tape all performances.

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