Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tool 6 Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion

I created an account on Diigo, Wallwisher and then looked at Todays Meet where I asked a question which students could respond to help set up a workout routine to improve cardiovascular conditioning.  Below is the link to this question.


Using these tools in the classroom will aid in creating conversation between teacher/student, as well as between student/student.  In Health Fitness it will allow students to create routines in areas just as jump rope, dance, etc... and let them be creative while developing their routines.  The important element in this process will be the constant communication that will generated in the classroom through the use of technology.  In addition, since writing is important to student's success, students will have the opportunity to use writing skills while completing their assignments in Health Fitness class.

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  1. love your comments. creativity is always so important.