Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool 2 Building Community on the on line world

As I read many of the other teachers blogs it seems they had as much trouble setting this up as I did.
It seems that I will need more than a 24 hour day to share my thoughts and be part of an online community.
The points that stood out were that this could be a fun way to communicate with fellow teachers and students, but many thought they already had to much on their plate.
I was able to apply  some of their advice.
I am not so sure about sharing my thoughts publicly.
A web site that I use in my Investment class is


  1. Yep - we were all mostly in the same boat. I'm loving you Avatar. His violet eyes are mesmerizing :) And I'll have to check out that, too. Will it tell me exactly where to put me money??? What little there is?? Great start, Coach!

  2. I don't know how you already use your teacher website with students, so this blog could be redundant. Hopefully you will find some other tools that your students could use to demonstrate understanding in your class as you move through the tools